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HomeshopFerrer Box Somontano olive oil ,3 bottles of 500 ml (Alquezrana, Negral and Verdena)

Ferrer Box Somontano olive oil ,3 bottles of 500 ml (Alquezrana, Negral and Verdena)

Olive oil authochton of Somontano

PVP: 20,20

Preparation and Presentation

Alquezrana The variety may be oldest Somontano, lies almost entirely around Alquezar and Radiquero and is a tree with an erect carriage. The fruits are of medium caliber and maturity is delayed but not as much as Verdena. Their collection is done in late November.

The oil of this century-old variety is also distinguished from others by its unique aroma. It is made in the second half of November. The nose is fruity, reminiscent of high fresh cut grass and green leaf, with hints of artichoke. And taste is a sweet oil, with a slightly bitter about spicy.

Negral The variety is located almost entirely in the town of Bierge, extending a little in the westernmost part of the Sierra de Guara. It is a centennial bearing olive crybaby. Fruits are medium-high caliber and maturity is quite trephine, is the variety that was first collected. The olives of this variety have been prized for use as table olives for its sweet taste. Negral oil is produced in early November, has a high fruity, with nuances reminiscent of green leaves and ripe fruit. The mouth is slightly bitter oil like spicy, very sweet on the palate and leaves a pleasant feeling of clean and fresh.

Verdena The variety is the most representative, is 50% olive Somontano and is located practically throughout, but with greater presence in Bierge and foot Sierra de Guara. All olive trees are centuries old and Verdena are grown without irrigation. The fruits are round and medium caliber. Its maturation is delayed, and rarely ever gets off entirely black, hence the appropriate name.

 The collection is made entirely by hand. Verdena oil is an oil produced in the first half of December with a fruity medium-high, very characteristic of this variety and nuances reminiscent of green grass and tomatoes. Sweet taste, slightly bitter and slightly spicy.


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